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No More Back Pain!
New Classes in Tunbridge Wells

I am super excited to announce that I am now teaching from The Freestyle Yoga Project, Studio 2, in Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XF.
I will be running group classes and have a reformer for Pilates personal training too!


Kerala, India Mindfulness Retreat
21st November - 1st December 2019

Mindfulness and Gentle Yoga Retreat

  • 10 days of bliss in one of the spiritual hubs of the world

  • Beach fronted villa

  • Twice daily yoga

  • Daily mindfulness and meditation program

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities

Can Pilates Reverse Osteoporosis?
Latest Blog Post

Bone is considered ‘living tissue’ and all living tissue is under a constant cycle of breakdown and regeneration. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis occur when the natural breakdown of the bone tissue is either faster or more efficient than the bodies ability to rebuild bone.

Just like a muscle, the bone can be strengthened. There are certain things we can do to encourage our bodies to build bone and reverse Osteoporosis.


The Pomme Method

More than Pilates

My method is a process of ‘letting go’- focusing on the physical (often paired with emotional) reform. This is achieved by identifying those areas in the body that need attention, then releasing them and re-strengthening. My toolbox is vast, drawing on eastern principles of balance and nutrition, right through to the latest developments in medicine and body dynamics. I carefully and lovingly put clients back on their feet, so they can go on and live their best lives.

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Group Classes

My group classes are all specialist classes as I prescribe movement based on my client’s needs. For this reason, all classes are small and often include myofascial release work (a little like giving yourself a massage). I mostly offer private home visits, so group classes are limited to a first-come, first-served basis.


Home Visits & Private Classes

For 1-3 people, in and around the Tunbridge Wells area.



Develop the skills it takes to look after your back in a series of 2 hour workshops

  • These are not generic workshops. The information I share is anatomy based, with custom methods to offer instant relief

  • Learn how to move freely with less pain

  • Remove fear, feel confident in moving again

  • Workshops can be completed in any order



Kind words from some of my clients, past & present


“Charlette (Letty) is such a wonderful ray of light and the passion she has for yoga and Pilates is apparent. For years I’ve struggled to ‘let go’ and really focus on myself and with Letty’s help I’ve managed to do it.

I love my classes with her and look forward to them on a weekly basis. Releasing all the negativity life throws at us on a daily basis, plus letting go of the baggage we’ve carried for years. Suffering from PTSD, this is like medication for my mind, body and soul and I wish I’d found it sooner.

Letty is not only fantastic at what she does but her energy and compassion is so compelling and the positivity she gives to the class shines so bright. If you’re looking for a teacher and a spiritual guide, Letty is the one!”

-Andrea Bowey, Chiddingstone, UK

“Charlette is so in tune with the human body, it's mind blowing. She is able to release mental and physical stress through her work and we have a great laugh along the way. She helped me throughout my pregnancy and ensured I was fully prepared for childbirth.

She just has a way of teaching that I've never seen before.”

- Puja Sharma, Sevenoaks, UK

“I feel like I came to you with a lot of baggage because I have a few medical conditions. You make me feel safe in every class and make changes so that I can do all of the exercises with everyone else. You have time to answer all of my questions before and after class and you make me feel like I can do anything!”

-Fay Albusairi, Kuwait