Through my own experience and additional training, I have developed a proven method of success in regaining mobility, stability, and rebuilding body confidence.


With a background in dance and qualifications as a Pilates and Yoga instructor, I know all about movement and body alignment. In addition to this, I was diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) in my mid-twenties and was faced with the task of re-educating my body to move effectively and naturally. Now, fully well, I teach my self-created method to my clients for full vitality and health at any age.   

My Story:

In January 2014, I was unable to complete basic tasks that many take for granted, such as walking to the end of my road, completing a day’s work and having any form of an active social life. 

During the worst moments, my brain was so incredibly foggy that I found simple tasks such as watching television, reading and conversing with others impossible. No doctor at the time could ‘diagnose’ my symptoms until it was later decided that I likely had Chronic Fatigue, ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). My doctor also told me I was likely be this way forever and should learn to manage it.

I decided this was not to be my fate. I travelled all over the world in search of holistic therapists, functional medicine practitioners, Gurus, and Shamans.  My mission was to meet people who I could learn from and who could teach me how to heal.

I studied functional medicine and nutrition to assist with my healing, and I began to develop a sense of how the emotional and physical body are connected. More specifically, I quickly learned that the spine is our fundamental support system, and that belief systems such as Chinese and Indian philosophy link energy to the spine.


Essentially, I came to understand that the common connection between varying philosophies is that any imbalance in the spine can result in an imbalance of health.  This is where my passion for back health began and directed my continued study of the body and energetic systems.

When I was well enough to return to work part time, I was offered a job in the Middle East to teach at a ‘women’s only’ facility. Here, I was lucky enough to develop my knowledge in anatomy by working closely with a physiotherapist, acupuncturist and osteopath from France. I was also very privileged to do a lot of women’s empowerment work using my skills in movement to help women connect to the wisdom of their bodies. 

I then moved to Bali, where I hosted small private retreats from my villa, teaching mediation, yoga and Pilates for people who suffer from fatigue and/or fatigue related illnesses. My aim was to create an environment that allowed for healing whilst teaching my guests to adopt small changes in their lives to enable the healing process to continue post-retreat.

I moved back to Tunbridge Wells, Kent in 2018 and I now offer mostly home visits and workshops in the local area. I also teach retreats annually in various locations around the world.

My qualifications include:

Level 3 Matwork Teacher - Body Control Pilates | Pre/Postnatal Pilates Certification - Body Control Pilates | Level 4 Advanced Teacher - Body Control Pilates | Level 4 Low Back Pain Certification - Body Control Pilates | Exercise Referral Practitioner - Body Control Pilates | Back4Good Practitioner - Body Control Pilates | Intermediate Mat Pilates - Body Control Pilates | Reformer Certification - Balanced Body Pilates| Cadillac Certification - Balanced Body Pilates | Chair Certification - Balanced Body Pilates | Ladder Barrel Certification - Balanced Body | Pilates Arc Certification - Balanced Body Pilates | Bone Health Certification - Body Control Pilates | Pilates for Children - Body Control Pilates | Pilates for Adolescence - Body Control Pilates | Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hours - Yoga Alliance| Nutritional Adviser Certification - Active IQ | Mindfulness Certification - The Centre of Excellence |