More than just Pilates

I have a passion for health and wellness, believing that everyone has the capacity to feel happy and move with ease. My method aims to bring my clients back to the careless and freeing feeling we all had within our bodies as children, it is a process of ‘letting go’- focusing on the physical (often paired with emotional) reform. This is achieved by identifying those areas in the body that need attention, then releasing them and re-strengthening. My toolbox is vast, drawing on eastern principles of balance and nutrition, right through to the latest developments in medicine and body dynamics.

I empower movement and healing by teaching you how to create a connection with your body through Pilates and yoga.

Our bodies are always communicating with us, and any illness, dis-ease or limitation in the physical body is usually a message from the emotional body. In my years of teaching and through my own illness and various physical discomforts, I have come to learn that true physical healing and physical goals takes place only alongside emotional healing and understanding.

Whilst I can make an educated guess which emotional ailment is creating a physical one, my job is to guide you to make a connection with your own body so that you can tap into the wisdom yourself.


“The word ‘Pioneer’ comes to mind. Teaching a different approach to exercise.”


“After a few classes with Charlette my back has caused me far less irritation, my posture has improved and most importantly: it feels healthier.

Charlette has a great way with clients, her instructions help you focus your mind and control your body’s movements. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to heal a bad back”

-Matt, Tunbridge Wells, UK