Just fantastic!
Charlette creates a wonderfully calm and therapeutic atmosphere in her yoga sessions. She thoughtfully plans her lessons, adjusting carefully for different abilities.
I always feel better both physically and mentally afterwards.
— Jane, Kent, UK

Charlette (Letty) is such a wonderful ray of light and the passion she has for yoga and Pilates is apparent.
For years I’ve struggled to ‘let go’ and really focus on myself and with Letty’s help I’ve managed to do it. I love my classes with her and look forward to them on a weekly basis. Releasing all the negativity life throws at us on a daily basis, plus letting go of the baggage we’ve carried for years. Suffering from PTSD, this is like medication for my mind, body and soul and I wish I’d found it sooner.
Letty is not only fantastic at what she does but her energy and compassion is so compelling and the positivity she gives to the class shines so bright.
If you’re looking for a teacher and a spiritual guide, Letty is the one.
— Andrea Bowey, Chiddingstone, UK

“The word ‘Pioneer’ comes to mind. Teaching a different approach to exercise.”
— -MindBodySpriritSonia

I started going to see Charlette (Letty) as I was feeling unstable on my feet and falling over at least once a week. Letty is an absolute diamond talking through every exercise so that you understand what your doing from the start of the exercise to the end. Her attitude is amazing and I always look forward to the next class.
I now feel that I walk taller and my balance has improved no end.
Thank you Letty.
— Ollie Pierce, Kent, UK

I have been doing Pilates for twice a week at different venues since a nasty car accident in year 2008, and over that period have met a number of instructors. Of all the classes I enjoy your classes most of all, and find the exercises most helpful to maintain mobility, even if some are a little challenging!

You maintain a good flowing pace throughout the class, introducing new exercises and variations of familiar exercises with what seems like an infinite portfolio. The explanations and dialogue are clear, concise and fluent, something not all instructors are able to achieve. You also have a very warm, friendly and personal approach, that makes the class a delight to experience for all ages and levels of ability.
— Keith, London, UK

I’m so happy to have discovered Charlette’s Pilates class. She explains clearly each set of movements and allows everyone in the session to work at their own pace.
Charlette never pushes me beyond what I feel I can achieve, but at each session I’ve surprised myself with how much more I’m capable of. I leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed.
— Tricia Hazelton, Kent, UK

I came to Charlette with a pain in my shoulder and hopes to start working out regularly.
Four months later I have been transformed… The pain has gone and I can’t miss a class with her, at the end of each session I feel so proud of myself.
Charlette is a wonderful teacher, she brings out the best in you, she is cheerful, funny, and she motivates. She will always ensure that you correctly perform every exercise.
Bali you are lucky to have Charlette, it’s time to change someones life. I will miss our PT classes.
— Alia Al Essa, Kuwait

Charlette is so in tune with the human body, it’s mind blowing. She is able to release mental and physical stress through her work and we have a great laugh along the way. She helped me throughout my pregnancy and ensured I was fully prepared for childbirth. She just has a way of teaching that I’ve never seen before.
— Puja Sharma, Sevenoaks, UK

I am extremely passionate about Pilates, so practising Yoga with Charlette (Letty) has been a new experience for me. I’ve been participating in Letty’s Yoga for a month now and I can honestly say I absolutely love it. I’ve not missed a session since starting unless I’ve been away!
I can switch off, calm my mind and I love the meditative state that I experience from every Yoga class. I’m learning to exercise my mind and body in a different way then I’m used to and the release from several poses has been quite an emotional but positive experience!
We never stop learning and teachers who love to educate with a natural generosity are priceless.
Thank you Letty x
— Toni Dodd, Penshurst, UK

Having suffered minor back problems for a number of years, I turned to Pilates on the recommendation of a friend. After a few classes with Charlette my back has caused me far less irritation, my posture has improved and most importantly: it feels healthier.
Charlette has a great way with clients, her instructions help you focus your mind and control your body’s movements. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to heal a bad back.
— Matt, Tunbridge Wells, UK