The Pomme Backcare Workshop Series

Suitable for anyone with back pain or discomfort as well as movement teachers.

Charlette is a Pilates and yoga teacher, specialising in backcare and fatigue. Charlette is a Low Back Pain and Back4Good Practitioner and has led this workshop series all over the world, including Europe, The Middle East and Indonesia.


The Pomme Backcare Workshop Series can be taken in any order.

The series aims to teach you the biomechanics of your spine and help you to discover, for yourself, that the whole body is responsible for the health of your back.

I teach you how I assesses and treat my clients- after all, knowledge is power. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to gain the skills and information required to increase your confidence in movement and start to live a more carefree life, with no worries of how your daily choices will effect your back or your pain?

What will you learn in these workshops?

  • Develop the skills it takes to look after your back in a series of 2 hour workshops

  • This isn’t a generic workshop, the information I share is anatomy based, with some custom methods to offer instant relief

  • Learn how to move freely with less pain

  • Remove fear, feel confident in moving again



£30 per person. Per workshop


Due to the popularity of this course and the limited number of spaces, there is a two week cancellation policy for these workshops.


I deliver these workshops for companies of all kinds. Interested?


The Full Pomme Backcare Workshop Series



Knowledge is power! Fear comes from lack of knowledge.

This workshop is designed to teach you key information about your spine.  Develop a sense of how and why it moves (or doesn’t), to bring you some much needed confidence and to get you moving freely again!


Hips and Low Back

The hips and pelvis thrust us forwards and absorb all of the shock from hitting the ground when we walk. That’s why it’s really important to take a look at how the hips and pelvis are sitting. We’ll analyse whether they are causing the back to over compensate, not just through walking, but in all functional movement too.


Shoulders, Upper and Mid Back

The shoulders ‘float’ on the ribcage. Any restriction in the shoulders can cause a restriction in thoracic spinal movement. Equally, restriction in the shoulders could be coming from a restriction in the spine.

This workshop is designed to address both the shoulders and back, and get you moving freely again!